Sarah and Helen have managed their 16 vergee organic smallholding in St. Peter since 2008. They grow a range of fruit and vegetables in their poly tunnels and fields including chilli peppers, herbs, squash and salad greens.

Growing organically is important to these growers. The protection of the environment

Farm Fresh Organics

Run by Steve and Linda Carter, this 200 vergee farm is situated in St Lawrence. Steve grows field crops like cauliflower, potato and leek to name a few plus a range in the polytunnels like tomato and beans.  “We moved away from conventional farming over 20 years ago and have seen our soil change from relying on artificial fertilizers and pesticides to becoming alive with earthworms and other creatures all enhancing the natural fertility.”

This 20 vergee farm in St Peters is run by Steve and Jacqui Jones. They specialize in egg production and have a free ranging flock of ISA brown hens. “As we grow on a small scale purely for the local market we retain an intimate relationship with all stages of the production and are convinced that our efforts are reflected in the quality of what we produce”  

Steve Jones

Vers Les Monts Farm

St Peter

Mark Forskitt is unique in Jersey as an organic grower who experiments with unusual crops. He also has an orchard and supplies us with Ashmead russet apples

Grass Roots Organic has been organic since 1988. This was the first

parcel of land to grow organically certified crops in the Island. Having grown everything from pak choi to kohl rabi, Brian now produces  the jerusalem artichokes for VegieBag as well as other tunnel crops.

Grass Roots Organic

Wholesale suppliers

Langridge Organics Products Ltd                  Choice Organics

Unit A53-A58 New Covent Garden                Unit 10 Market Trading Estate

London  SW8 5EE                                           Christopher Road

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